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Today is my day on The Love Detective: Next Level blog tour. Thank you Anne Cater for inviting me on this tour and providing me with an extract to share


Note to self: Do not screw this up.

When Clarry Pennhaligan, rookie private detective and unlikely heroine, takes on her second case, she is determined to master the art of smart. All she has been asked to do is to infiltrate a group of women who share a rather unusual way of spending their spare time. Shouldn’t be too demanding, she thinks, nothing to it. But, after her first clumsy steps reveal secrets that may best be kept hidden, her investigation gains momentum and events take a bizarre and sinister turn. Out of her depth and working above her paygrade, Clarry soon faces a very real danger. Things just got Next Level.


The storm was overhead now. The lightning flashes were coming closer together and intensifying every moment. Could we be struck? I was thinking about the metal zipper on my sweatshirt, wondering if it could be a conductor, when the image from the Tarot card came back to me and I experienced such an inner shudder that my legs trembled. The Tower. I had always dismissed palm and Tarot readings as exploitative. A con trick practised by the unscrupulous to take advantage of the vulnerability and need for reassurance that some of us look for when feeling lost. But could there be some truth in it after all? No! my rational mind repeated over and over again. But we were on a tower and there was lightning zigzagging around us. And what about the bodies tumbling, falling like blown leaves to the ground? Was that to be our fate?

We edged our way forward until we found ourselves overlooking the inky black ribbon of the river.  Twisting away on its endless course, it was indifferent to our plight and to the raging storm.

We crept on. I had all but given up hope, feeling certain that we had nearly doubled back on ourselves, when abruptly the height of the outer wall dropped. I looked down and there, set into the wall of the adjoining building, which looked to be a warehouse, was a narrow set of steps twisting downwards. A stump of rusting metal balustrade suggested that there had once, long ago, been a handrail, but now the outer edge of the stair run was completely exposed. I couldn’t see how far or where the staircase led, and it would be all too easy to slip as there was nothing at all to stop us from falling off the edge, but it was a chance.

So began a terrifying descent. Slowly and laboriously, lashed by rain and buffeted by wind, we negotiated our way down, aware that the slightest wrong move would mean a fall of thirty or forty feet to certain death. Every six steps or so, the staircase twisted and turned until I had no idea whether we were still facing the river or directly under the hatch through which we’d just escaped. Was someone looking down on us from within the secret room? The thought made my skin crawl but I didn’t look up. Resolutely, I focussed only on the next step down, locking myself in a bubble of concentration. It doesn’t matter how long this takes us, I told myself. Or how wet and uncomfortable we are; we’re heading in the right direction. Away from pursuit. The Tarot card meant nothing, and we were going to make it. Luck was now on our side and all we had to do was press on. I kept repeating we are not going to fall, over and over in my head like a mantra. We are not going to fall. We are not going to fall

About The Author:

Angela Dyson

Born out of a need for escapism I create characters and scenarios that I hope will both lift the spirits of my readers and encourage them to follow their own dreams.

I’m delighted to report my debut novel, The Love Detective, has been wonderfully well received with readers regularly emailing me to tell me how gripped and entertained they were by the host of strong, vibrant female characters.

Although I have always loved to write, to pay my bills (I soon discovered that utility companies, bank managers and landlords aren’t known for their generosity and understanding natures,) I had to squeeze it in with working for a living. Some of the jobs to which I only gave half my attention include working for a recording studio and a record label, running a building maintenance company where pretty much the only upside was getting to boss a lot of men about all day, doing a bit of plus size modelling (strictly clothes on) and, for one memorable summer, making a living reading palms on a Greek Island.

Thankfully, I am now able to spend much more of my time engaging in my true passion – writing.

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  1. annecater says:

    Thanks for the blog tour support x


    1. Lauren's Literary Library says:

      Anytime ❤


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